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Product Name: Diesel Engine Water Pump  
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Product introduction

FLOWSPEC had manufacturered the diesel engine pump since 1995, which is the earliest manufacturer in China of developing, quantity production of the diesel engine water pump (diesel engine fire fighting pump). The water pump is driven by diesel engine through flexible coupling, with reasonable structure, high efficiency, high NPSH, small vibration, low noise, stable & reliable running and easy disassembly. FLOWSPEC China diesel engine water pump can deliver clean water or water similar liquids with temperature less than 80 degree C. FLOWSPEC China diesel engine water pump is mainly applicable to fire fighting system, waterworks, high building, irrigation,drainage pump station, power station, industrial water supply, marine industry, mine drainage, flood drainage, drought
fighting, etc.  
Performance range
1. Flow: 5~450l/s (18~1620m3/h)
2. Pressure: 0.19~2.0MPa
3. Power: 2.2~1000KW
4. Altitude: ≤2500m
5. Ambient temperature: -25 ~ 55℃
6. Air relative humidity: 9 ~ 95%
7. Earthquake intensity: 7 degree
8. Diesel engine brand: Cummins, Deutz, Perkins, SWT, Detroit, Mark, Man, China Brand

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