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Product Name: Longshaft Deep Well Pump  
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Product introduction

FLOWSPEC vertical long shaft deep well pump is manufacturered by Shanghai Deep Well Pump Works. Shanghai Deep Well Pump Works has more than 65 years of deep well pump producing experience in China. Shanghai Deep Well Pump Works longshaft deep well pump has been used in many large projects in China since 1965. For example, Beijing water plant, Yangtze River Three GorgesHydropwer Station, Sichuan Ertan Hydropower Station and Hubei Gezhouba Hydropower Station. Longshaft deep well pump is applied to transfer clean water, rain water, sea water and sewage with temperature less than 80℃. FLOWSPEC vertical long shaft pump is widely used in primitive water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, metallurgical steel industry, hydropower station, thermal power station, mine, municipal works and water project. 

FLOWSPEC vertical long shaft deep well pump is single stage or multi-stage vertical centrifugal pump. The pump is mounted vertically in the working conditions, with suction port downwards while discharge horizontal. 

Performance Range
Flow: 30 - 2400m3/h
Head: 7 - 150m

Project in Vietnam

Vietnam Se San 2 x 54MW Hydropower Station  
Vietnam Se San 4 Hydropower Station 250JCK130-42,500JCK850-40
Vietnam Tuyen Quang 3 x 114MW Hydropower Station  
Vietnam Uong Bi Thermal Power Station  
Vietnam Khe Bo Station  
Vietnam Srok Phu Mieng Hydropower Station  
Vietnam Lao Cai Water Plant  
Vietnam Nam Na 2 Hydropower Station 400JCK440-36
Vietnam Nam Na 3 Hydropower Station 400JCK550-51
Vietnam Dong Nai 5 Hydropower Station 350JC340-28
Vietnam Lai Chau Hydropower Station 500JC1000-74,300JC160-70
Vietnam Huoi Quang Hydropower Station 500JC1200-65
Vietnam Ban Chat Hydropower Station 350JCK350-40,300JCK180-48
Vietnam Bao Lam 3 Hydropower Station 300JCK150-40,150JCK51-43.5
Vietnam Dak Drinh Hydropower Station 300JCK150-40,250JCK100-45
Vietnam Song Bung 6 Hydropower Station 250JCK100-45,300JCK150-40,250JCK130-8.5,350JCK370-16
Vietnam Thanh Son Hydropower Station 350JCK340-28,200JCK100-48
Vietnam Song Tranh 3 Hydropower Station  
Vietnam Nho Que 1 Hydropower Station  
Vietnam Bac Me Hydropower Station  
Vietnam Trung Thu Hydropower Station  
Vietnam Song Tranh 2 Hydropower Station 400JCK550-51
Vietnam A Luoi Hydropower Station 200JCK80-16,300JCK1210-10.5,500JCK850-40

Projects in Indonesia

Indonesia Pacitan 2×315MW Thermal Power Station 500JC/KS1040-25150JC/K50-85200JC/KS80-48
Indonesia Labuan 2×300MW Thermal Power Station 500JC/KS750-23
Indonesia SCC Cement Plant  
Indonesia Banten Power Station  
Indonesia(PLTU 3 BANTEN)3×315MW Power Station 500JC/K1000-24150JC/K40-85200JC/K80-48
Indonesia WAMPU Hydropower Station  
Indonesia CILACAP1×660MW Thermal Power Station  
Indonesia Thermal Power Station 400JC/K500-120400JC/K500-17
Indonesia SUMSEL-52 x 150MW Thermal Power Station 400JCK500-120400JCK500-17

Projects in Cambodia

Cambodia Stung Russei Chrum Hydropower Station 300JC220-35,300JC220-26,150WQ150-35-30
Cambodia Nam Khan 2 Hydropower Station 400JCK400-26, WQB50-50-22

Projects in Thailand

Thailand BLG Hydropower Station 150JCK50-25.5

Projects in Loas

Laos HLG Hydropower Station 400JCK380-3480WQ75-21-7.5


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