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Product Name: Diesel Engine Fire Pump  
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Product introduction

Flowspec China diesel engine fire pump is designed and manufactured strictly according to fire requirements in high building. Diesel engine fire pump features with high efficiency, long running time and high reliability without been locked after long time stopping, so it’s the preferred product in the building fire fighting market. China diesel engine fire pump is approved with GB6245 of fire pump performance requirement & test. China diesel engine fire pump can transfer clean water or similar liquid with temperature less than 80℃. On condition that meeting the fire fighting conditions,China diesel engine fire pump can also meet requirements of living water or producing water. China diesel engine fire pump can be used in the fire water supply system, but also can be used in the fire & living water supply system at the same time. China diesel engine fire pump is also applied to high building, municipal project, mine, ship and field work.
Performance range
1. Flow: 5~450l/s (18~1620m3/h)
2. Pressure: 0.19~2.0MPa
3. Power: 2.2~1000KW
4. Altitude: ≤2500m
5. Ambient temperature: -25 ~ 55℃
6. Air relative humidity: 9 ~ 95%
7. Earthquake intensity: 7 degree
8. Diesel engine brand: Cummins, SWT, Detroit, Mark, Man, China Brand

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