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Product introduction

China Flowspec sewage pump includes submersible sewage pump, vertical sewage pump, self-priming sewage pump and submerged sewage pump. Flowspec sewage pump is mainly used to discharge the sewage, waste water, rainwater and living water in cities containing solids and various long fabrics for municipal works, industrial buildings, hotels, hospitals, civil air defense, waste water treatment.
Performance range
Flow capacity: 10~6000m3/h
Head: 4~62m
Power: 0.75~315KW
Speed: 1450rpm, 2900rpm
Discharge size: 50~600mm
Working conditions
1. The medium temperature should not be over 40℃, the density≤1200Kg/m3 , and the PH value within 5-9.
2. During running, the pump must not be lower than the lowest liquid level, see “▼lowest liquid level" in the drawing of installation dimensions (including the automatic cooling system), ▽means lowest liquid level without no automatic cooling system.
3. Rated voltage is 380V, rated frequency is 50Hz. The motor can run successfully only under the condition of the deviations of both rated voltage and frequency are not over 5%.
4. The maximum diameter of the solid going through the pump has not to be larger than 50% of that of the pump discharge.
Adopting imported SKF or NTN bearing, extends the pump service life.
The built-in cooling system makes the pump can work normally whether the motor is above or under the liquid surface. A part of the liquid pumped circulates between the cooling barrel and the pump casing; bring off the heat made by the motor. When needing external cooling system, cooling sleeve can be separated from the pump casing, and connected with independent cooling system.
Its insulation class is F, max. working temperatures is 155 C, and grade of protection is IPX8.
Mechanical seal:
Adopt Bogman mechanical seal, two ways of the mechanical seals are in series with individually work to separate the motor from the pump fully, providing double protection to the motor.
The material of pump side mechanical seal is tungsten carbide/tungsten carbide, while graphite/silicon carbide is on the motor side.
Oil chamber:
Oil can lubricate and cool the mechanical seal, oil can prevent the pumped liquids from leaking into the motor. Left certain air inside the oil chamber can lower the pressure in the oil chamber.
With the optimized design, the impeller transports the liquids with the best flow rates and efficiency without blocking.
According to different pumped mediums, there are single-channel impeller, dual-channel impeller and three-blade impeller for selection.
The pump is coaxial with the motor; the shaft side sealing device protects the shaft from connecting with pumped liquids.
Monitor system:
Inside of the stator, there are three TDS in series which are normal close, when stator temperature reaches to 125℃, the TDS will open.
Inside the oil chamber, there is water-leakage probe which is used for detecting the oil-water ratio. If the pump side mechanical seal leaks, the oil-water ratio inside the oil chamber will change, when the oil-water ratio reaches to certain density, the water-leakage probe will raise the alarm (the indicator light is on), and cut off the power automatically, the pump stops working.
Maintainer should change the oil inside the oil chamber timely, check and change the pump side mechanical seal.
As for the pumps with power bigger than 30KW, there are water leakage probes inside the terminal box, detecting is there is leakage in the cable.
Float switch:
If there is leakage in the motor side mechanical seal, the pumped liquids will leak into the float switch room, when leaked liquids reaches to certain level, the float switch will raise the alarm (the indicator light is on), and cut off the power automatically, the pump stops working. Maintainer should check and change the motor side mechanical seal.
Electric panel has the function of detecting if the motor is lack of phase or not, protecting the lack of phase from damaging the motor.

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