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The type of diaphragm pump
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The diaphragm pump by their ticket enforcement agencies use the power, can be divided into pneumatic, electric, hydraulic three kinds, namely to compressed air to power sources pneumatic diaphragm pump to call for the engine electric diaphragm pump for the liquid medium (such as oil) pressure-driven electricity fluid moving the diaphragm pumps, in addition, according to the function and the characteristic points and electromagnetic valve, electronic, intelligent type, the main line diaphragm pumps, etc. The diaphragm pump product type many, the structure also varied, but also in constant updates and change. Generally speaking valve is universal, already can with pneumatic actuators matching, and can also electric actuators or other actuators match.
The diaphragm pump in the process control is the role of the regulators or computer accept control signal, the change by the transfer medium flow, to maintain the parameters in the required range, so as to achieve the automation of the production process. If the automatic adjustment system and artificial regulation process compare, detection unit is the person's eye, adjust the control unit is the brain, and then execution unit-diaphragm pump is man's hands and feet. To realize the process parameters such as temperature, a pressure, flow, liquid level and the adjustment control, is inseparable from the diaphragm pumps. So right choice diaphragm pump in the process automation has the important meaning. 

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