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What is power type pump
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   By rapidly rotating impeller to liquid of forces, mechanical energy will transfer to the liquid, make its kinetic energy and pressure can increase, and then through the pump cylinder, most of the kinetic energy transfer for pressure can realize transportation. The power type pump impeller pump or also called vane pump. Centrifugal pump is the most common power type pump.
   The power type pump in a certain speed has a limit of head, where the head with the flow and change; Stable work, transportation continuous, flow rate and pressure of no-pulsation; No general self-priming capacity, need will pump first fill the liquid or smoke into the pipeline vacuum to start work; Applicable performance range; Suitable for conveying viscosity small clean liquid, special design of the pump may transport the mud, sewage and waste water or water lose solid content. The power type pumps are mainly used for water supply, water drainage and irrigation, and process liquid transportation, power stations pumped storage, hydraulic transmission and ship jet propulsion, etc.

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