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Centrifugal pump stop working
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(1) the centrifugal pump stop working after the entrance of the pump valve should be closed, wait for after cooling pump again ordinal closed subsidiary system of the valve.
(2) the high temperature pump parking equipment technical documents shall be according to the provisions, shall each partial 20 after parking a 30 min dish car, half a circle until the pump body temperature drop to 50 鈩 so far.
(3) when parking cryogenic pumps, when no special requirements, should always be full of liquid pump; Suction valve and the discharge valve should keep to often open state; Adopt double seals cryogenic pumps, liquid level controller and pump seal chamber sealing liquid should keep pump pressure grouting.
(4) transportation easily crystallized, easy solidified, easy to precipitation of the media such as pump, stop the pump shall be prevent jams, and timely with water or other media flush pump and pipeline.
(5) in the liquid discharge pump up to prevent corrosion and unrelenting frosty. 

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