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Guidelines for the use of centrifugal pumps
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  (1) the drive to of the pump shall be turned to the same;
  (2) find out the pump and pipeline of pump shaft steering;
  (3) the fixed part should be no connection to become loose, filling the lubrication part of the specifications of the number and lubricant should comply with the provisions of the equipment technical documents;
  (4) have the preparation lubrication part should be according to the requirements of the regulations for the preparation lubrication;
  (5) each instruction machine, safety protection devices all should sensitive, accurate, and reliable;
  (6)plate should be flexible car, no abnormal phenomenon;
  (7) the test run in high temperature pump should be done before the pump body preheating, should be uniform temperature rise, every hour should not be more than 50 鈩 temperature; Pump body surface and have working medium of piping import of temperature difference should not be more than 40 鈩;
  (8) to eliminate the influence of temperature setting connected device, set the bypass connections to provide cooling water.

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