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   Pump according to the principle of work into positive displacement pump, impeller pump and jut pump.
   1.positive displacement pump 
    The movement caused by working parts working cubage periodically enlarged and narrowed and inhale row liquid, and by working parts extrusion liquid pressure directly can increase.
    According to the different methods of moving parts movement and divided into: reciprocating pump and rotary pump two kinds.
According to the moving parts structure is different: the piston pumps and piston pump, the gear pump, screw pump, water ring vane pump and pump.
2.impeller pump
     Impeller pump impeller is driven by high speed rotary and the mechanical energy liquid transfer to the conveying liquids.
  3.jut pump
  Is produced by working fluid high-speed jet ejector fluid, and then through the momentum exchange and make be ejector fluid energy increase.

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