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What is positive displacement pump
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   Positive displacement pump depend on work components in pump as on a cylinder or rotary motion, make the volume increased and narrow alternately, in order to realize the liquid inhaling and exhaling. Work for reciprocating motion of the components of a positive displacement pump called reciprocating pump, called back for rotary motion pump. The former inhaling and exhaling process in the same pump alternating in cylinder, and the suction valve and the discharge valve to control; The latter is through the gears, screw rotor, leaf form or sliding-vane, etc of components of the rotating effect, forcing fluid from side to side in transfer from.
   Positive displacement pump in a certain speed or reciprocating flow is the number of certain, almost not with pressure and change; Reciprocating pump flow and pressure have larger pulse, the need to take corresponding measures to reduce pulse; Rotary pump general no-pulsation or only small pulsing; Also the ability to absorb, after a pump start-up that except the pipeline breathe air liquid. When the pump will have to start from the valve is fully open pipeline; Reciprocating pump used in high pressure and small flow; Rotary pump is suitable for small and medium flow and high pressure; Suitable for conveying reciprocating pump clean liquid or gas to liquid mixture. In general, the displacement pump is more efficient than the power type pump.

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