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    The ascension of the water for human life and production is important. Ancient has to carry all kinds of instruments, such as Egypt chain pump (the 17th century BC), China's Jie Gao (the 17th century BC), engineer-in-chief (11th century B.C.) and showered (the first century). More famous and the third century BC, Archimedes spiral pole of the invention, can smooth continuously will water extraction to a few meters high, its principle is still for modern screw pump to use.
Around 200 BC, the ancient Greeks craftsman than uz, west the invention of the fire fighting pump is a kind of the most original of the piston pumps, already have typical piston pump's main components, but the piston pump is just appeared in only after steam engine rapid development.
1840-1850, the Americans invention pump cylinder and steam for invention to the cylinder, steam direct acting piston pumps, marks the formation of modern piston pump.
1851-1875 years, with guide blade of multistage centrifugal pump have invented, make development, high-lift centrifugal pump possible.
The 19th century was the piston pumps the climax of the development period, at that time has been used in the hydraulic press and so on many kinds of machinery. However, with the amount of water needed to increase, from the 1920 s, low speed and flow rate is very limited piston pump is gradually high-speed centrifugal pump and rotation of pump. But in high pressure small flow field majority still reciprocating pump, especially the diaphragm pumps and piston pump with unique advantages and application are increasing.

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