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Centrifugal pump selection and installation
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Centrifugal pump should be in accordance with the choice of conveying liquids, and checked the performance of the need, and analyzes the suction and discharge conditions, is intermittent operation or continuous operation, etc. Centrifugal pump is usually in or close to manufacturer shall be stipulated by the design pressure and flow condition.
(1) the size of the foundation, the position, elevation should comply with the design requirements, the anchor bolts must be properly and correct fixed in concrete foundation, the machine should not have missing parts, damage or corrosion, etc;
(2) according to the characteristics of the pump transport medium and, when necessary, should check the main parts, shaft seals and gasket materials;
(3) the pump make level, is looking for work should be consistent with the provisions of the equipment technical documents, if not rules, should be consistent with existing national standards "mechanical equipment installation project construction and acceptance general specification" regulation;
(4) all of the pump body connection with pipeline, pipe installation and lubricating oil pipeline cleaning requirements shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state standards.

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