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Boiler feed pump malfunction Troubleshooting Guide
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Boiler feed pump malfunction Troubleshooting GuideBoiler feed pump is safe and stable operation of the boiler foundation, with the automation technology in the boiler feed water applications, modern boiler liquid level control system has become the key to safe and stable operation. In recent years, as boiler feed pump failure caused the accident shut down the boiler frequent reason is the equipment maintenance department is not very good grasp of the boiler feed pump failure or trouble, the text on the boiler feed pump maintenance and troubleshooting for a brief discussion, the This is the equipment maintenance department can learn more information.

Boiler feed pump boiler system is related to security and stability of the key is the use of modern automation technology design and set up automatic level adjustment of the boiler system, an important part. At present, China has a boiler equipment over four hundred thousand units, most of which are industrial enterprises in power plant boilers and boiler systems, a small part of the baths and other commercial areas for residents. To the stable operation of the pump when the boiler is based on a modern boiler liquid level control system an important component of this part. Once the feed pump failure would seriously jeopardize the safe operation of the boiler, will lead to severe major accident. Therefore, strengthening the boiler system to pump the daily maintenance and repair, boiler maintenance department has become an important modern work.

Boiler feed pump failure analysis of modern large-scale boiler feed water pump system consists of multiple components to the pump, from start to pump two to three main, one or two electric feed pump as a backup or secondary. This configuration is conducive to the pump to pump the host system fails or can not meet the boiler needs to start the backup pump system to supplement inadequate, avoid failures caused by the boiler feed pump shutdown. Common boiler feed pump failure are mainly concentrated in oil systems, shelter systems, speed control system, auxiliary motor overheating and lack of traffic areas. Through scientific analysis and find the cause of failure and resolve to exclude the boiler feed pump failure, and that only causes of exclusion for failure to prevent the recurrence of the same type of failure. The following types of different causes of failure, exclusion, etc. are discussed.

Boiler feed pump motor overheated analysis and precluded the use of motor driven feed pump is concerned, the most common failure is the motor overheating. The main reason causing motor overheating due to high or low voltage, poor transmission, ventilation system failure or malfunction caused the motor unit overheating. Motor overheating can cause severe burn insulation, broken rotor bars, etc. happen. Therefore, the discovery of other motor overheating should be used for pneumatic power means, the downtime. Voltage causes overheating of the motor response to electrical power supply system to check, through the restoration of stable power supply to solve the boiler feed pump motor overheating fault. Another poor drive can also cause motor overheating due to the pump motor and cause poor transmission between the motor load is too large, the phenomenon of small horse-drawn carts, motor overload is the temperature. This situation must be timely maintenance, resulting in unit failure. The motor to the pump with the traditional system to conduct a thorough investigation, common mainly due to poor transmission of the traditional rotating bearings in oil, causing bearing damage, etc.. Identify the points where the failure to replace or lubricate. As with the sub-system failure caused by overheating of the motor when one of the most common fault, the damage was mainly due to the fan, ventilation pore blockage, bearing wear and other reasons make the ventilation system can not complete the work to be undertaken, resulting in motor overheating, severe burn will also coil. This situation must be by one investigation to find out cause of the malfunction, clear ventilation channel, fan repair, replacement bearings to solve problems.

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